Hogwarts Inspired Halloween Window Display

I've never really celebrated Halloween properly before, I usually just carve a couple of pumpkins, watch Michael Myers terrorise the residents of Haddonfield then call it a night. This year I decided to do something different.

I've always looked with envious eyes upon the big houses and the large gardens filled with wonderful Halloween decor and generally looking glorious. Whereas I on the other hand live in a typical terraced house, so no front garden or any suitable outside space for decorating. With this in mind I needed to think a little more "inside the box" (see what I did there?) and so the idea of a window display was born.

Converting my front room into a display area was no mean feat, I had to live in chaos for a few days to make room for the display so a little sacrifice was needed on my part (and that of my girlfriend, who thankfully didn't shoot me down over the idea of transforming our living space into a total mess).

I'd recently re-watched the Harry Potter movies and had already made two other Harry Potter related projects earlier this year, so continuing the Harry Potter theme into Halloween was a no-brainer. I've created an Instructable that covers the process of gathering your props and materials, I also give you advice on how to build "the set" and how to re-create some of the Hogwarts magic right there in your front window.

I hope you like it.