Star Wars 3d Printed Lightsaber Replica

The Story

With the much anticipated release of the newest Star Wars Movie - Episode VII: The Force Awakens, I decided that I wanted to build a replica lightsaber to add to my home-made movie prop collection. With varying lightsaber designs featuring in the movies and the Clone Wars animated series, as well as the numerous Star Wars video games, there are a lot of designs to choose from. I decided upon a replica of Obi-Wan Kenobi's third lightsaber, this is the lightsaber he constructed during the Clone Wars and was the one he wielded for the rest of his life.

As with a lot of my projects, once I decide what I'm making the first thing I do is check what has already been made by others. There are often a lot of 3d models that are already available so it is not always necessary to start with a blank canvas. I can end up modifying existing 3d models to suit my needs or simply make my own models from scratch, but in this case I was fortunate enough to find not only an ideal 3d model, but one that was designed perfectly and optimised for 3d printing (without the need for supports, rafts or brims!).

The lightsaber model was designed by Jacky Wan in collaboration with Ultimaker. The model fits together with the minimal need for post-printing work, just some light sanding was required on some parts to make sure they would still fit together after painting. You can download the 3d files from

I've not made the 3d files available for download direct from my website as I want to make sure Jacky Wan gets 100% of the credit for his excellent design! A full painting tutorial for the lightsaber is also available on Redicubricks. It walks you through painting the lightsaber to a very high standard and also includes some good tips on creating a good weathering / rusty effect using salt, something that I did to my saber and a technique that I will no doubt use on other projects in the future.

Spray paints are solvent based and pose possible health and safety hazards. Use in well ventilated areas with proper respiratory protection equipment. Refer to the paint container for full information and always follow the instructions!

Full instructions to make this project are available on Instructables.