Iron Man Illuminated Cut-Out


The character cut-out is a relatively quick project and it only took me a few hours from start to finish. You only need a few tools, the acrylic sheet and the vinyl wall sticker and you’re pretty much good to go. Rather predictably I’ve chosen the Marvel character Iron Man, but really you can apply this to any character of your choosing, Spiderman, The Hulk or Batman would equally be a good choice.

The most important part of this project is to select the appropriate vinyl sticker, depending on where you are putting your cut-out. I choose an image of Iron Man in a flying pose, this seemed rather appropriate as I planned on hanging him from the ceiling. I also illuminated the cut-out, as Iron Man has many elements that light up (such as the hand repulsor, arc reactor and the glowing eyes), though this step is entirely optional.

The overall construction is pretty straight forward, you should only need a permanent marker to draw the outline and a jig-saw to cut it out. If you’re opting to add some illumination you’ll also need a soldering iron, a hot-melt glue gun and a sharp craft knife (to cut out the illuminated areas from the vinyl). I also used hole-saws to cut the clear acrylic to make the repulsor and arc reactor from clear acrylic.

Full instructions to make this project are available on Instructables.