I'm an amateur designer, modeller and engineer with a passion for creating all manner of things, from novelty replica movie props to more complex engineering and electronics projects. I mostly work in CAD, designing and building in 3D, though I do also have some electronic, wood and metal working skills. I created this website to share my projects with other makers. My work and my designs are freely available for you to download so you can try them for yourself, I welcome any comments or suggestions and I will always try to assist anyone whenever possible.

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Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and STAR WARS

Well it has been a busy year, and a particularly busy December. Now that 2016 is almost upon us it's reached that time when you review everything that has happened previously and you make your resolutions for the new year, but probably breaking them by the third week of January.

No doubt one of the highlights of the year has been the much anticipated release of the latest instalment of Star Wars, to celebrate I've created a replica lightsaber, check out the Lightsaber Project Page for a closer look.

I'll be adding some tutorial videos to my YouTube channel soon showing how to add light saber effects to photos using Photoshop, and also how to add the saber effect to video using Adobe After Effects. I'm also planning on creating a Star Wars fan movie in the summer, assuming this wet weather goes away!

Be sure to check back soon for some more updates, I'll be using the free time over the Christmas holidays to push on with the Masters of the Universe Cosmic Key Replica and hope to make some real progress by January.

I hope you all had a good Christmas, and I wish you all the best for the New Year