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PiKon 3d Printed Telescope with Raspberry Pi

It has been a rather exciting few weeks, with my PiKon kit being delivered I had to quickly step into action and get on with the assembly!
Everything went pretty smoothly, the provided instructions were clear and it all went together without a hitch, thanks to Mark Wrigley and everyone involved with the PiKon project! As soon as I got my PiKon assembled I was eager to test it out, so I promptly headed out into my garden with the telescope, a tripod, monitor, keyboard, mouse, power supply, extension lead... you can see where I'm going with this?...

It was my intention long before my PiKon kit had even arrived to would design and build a portable unit for the PiKon that could not only power the Pi with a battery pack, but also have the camera viewfinder and camera control interface all integrated into a portable, light-weight and practical unit. It took me two weeks to design and build, but I achieved my goal and I created the TED-VDU. This lovely little box of tricks contains a rechargeable 5200mAh Lithium-Ion battery, a 2.8" Adafruit PiTFT resistive touchscreen, four programmable buttons tied in to the Pi's GPIO pins, bright LED's (makes a surprisingly good torch!) and it connects to the PiKon using a HD15 cable. This means I can now take my PiKon up the side of a mountain in my native Wales and not need to lump a load of equipment with me, just the tripod, the PiKon and the VDU.

Here is an image of the moon that I captured using my PiKon and the custom built VDU. I'll be posting a video soon to show off the VDU, I'll also be uploading the build instructions so check back soon!