I'm an amateur designer, modeller and engineer with a passion for creating all manner of things, from novelty replica movie props to more complex engineering and electronics projects. I mostly work in CAD, designing and building in 3D, though I do also have some electronic, wood and metal working skills. I created this website to share my projects with other makers. My work and my designs are freely available for you to download so you can try them for yourself, I welcome any comments or suggestions and I will always try to assist anyone whenever possible.

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May the 4th be with you

The month of May is now upon us, and you know what that means..? Yup, Star Wars Day!

To celebrate May the 4th I decided to make a Star Wars related project, having already made a Lightsaber I decided that this time around I would make a replica of the Thermal Detonator.

It first came to my attention in the Jabba's Palace scene in SW VI: ROTJ, but I have also killed many an Imperial when using them in the various Star Wars games that have been released over the years. This is an active prop with sound and light effects, it does pretty much everything apart from detonate, I guess that all those years on Tatooine have taken their toll.

My other recent project (the Touchscreen for the PiKon Telescope) has had a pretty good month of April, it has been getting a lot of attention on Instructables and has also been featured on Makezine, be sure to check out the article here. I'm expecting to turn my attention back to the Cosmic Key project for the coming weeks, but then I have another project lined up that I'm very excited about and can't wait to get stuck in, more details to follow soon...