2016 was a very busy year, but now it's 2017 everything is getting reset for a fresh start. It looks like things are going to be much quieter from a project point of view. I have a home renovation on the horizon so I'll be taking things a little easier, so bear with me.

My most recently published project is the Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast, I made this as a gift for my girlfriend, but it also ties in nicely with the new Disney movie due for release in March. Find out more about this project here or check out the Instructable.

Other projects currently on the go include the Cosmic Key, an Animatronic Fawkes the Phoenix, a replica Pokéball and a new RetroPie console. I'll continue to work on these but I probably won't be taking on any other projects until next year. No doubt the home renovation will spawn a bunch of projects of its own so keep an eye out for these in the not so distant future.

I'm expecting to make some minor improvements to the website this year, I know that the mobile responsiveness could certainly use some improving, I also intend on adding an extra section to the site for listing awards and achievements, so do check back for more updates in the coming months.